Let Me Show You How To Spell WordPress Correctly

It’s spelt WordPress. See the difference from Word(p)ress?

Believe it or not, I typed in the title of this post into Google, and there wasn’t a single post on the first page of results that was just about spelling WordPress correctly.

The WordPress team has spent an incredible amount of time coming up with logo styling and use (here), and I see so many variations of the WordPress logo I can’t imaging trying to police the problem. But when I am reading around the net, reading posts, articles, blogs, whatever, and people spell WordPress as Word(p)ress, I just want to scream. Especially by people who know it’s spelt WordPress. Not some variation.

Why is this important? Well, it’s not really, but it’s like spelling my name, which is Thom, not Tom. Even people who have known me for many years write my name as Tom. Thom is my name. Thom is my brand.

When you spell WordPress as Word(p)ress, it loses something, like it’s a fake name, like you don’t really know what WordPress is.

So here it is. The one post I hope makes it to the top of the search pages, so every knows how it’s spelt. Now I need to write a bot to go out on the web and correct all the mistakes.

By the way, the WordPress system automatically corrects the spelling of WordPress. Read more here.

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Apple iOS 7 Translucent UI Needs Help

I installed iOS 7 on one of my iPads today. The first thing that struck me was the change in the way folders and the system tray looked. Honestly, I didn’t spend a whole lot of time studying every aspect of iOS 7 so some of this might not have been surprising with a little digging, but this really caught me off guard. As you can see from the image below, the folders and the system tray look skin color. I really wanted to puke. I thought, how could this be!

After my initial shock wore off, I changed the wallpaper and sure enough, the colors showed through what I guess is a translucent UI. I searched the settings to see if there was something that let change the percentage of translucency or even the color, and nope, nothing.

Translucent FolderTranslucent Folder Translucent Folder

I do like the new fast app switch, but it took me a few minutes to figure out how to close down an app. It’s not the old-fashioned way of hold and press the X, you simply perform the Android maneuver of sliding it off the screen. Closed.


Closing an App

This isn’t a post knocking iOS 7, or Apple. Just my initial observation. I wish for a day I can control some of the UI look on my personal device. But that’s another post.