5 Tech Stories Worth Reading

1. i’mWatch The Android Powered Wristwatch
We have seen quite a few different watches that can be used with your smartphone here at Geeky Gadgets, but I think this may be the first one that is powered by Google’s Android OS, the i’mWatch.

2. Instagram Turns Your Likes Into Photo Albums
Social photo app Instagram pushed out a new update today on the iPhone. The first thing you notice is that uploads are a lot faster. Speed, quite frankly, is one of Instagram’s competitive advantages. But the update also includes some new features, the most important of which is the ability to see all the photos you’ve liked in the past.

3. Clouds Are Like Buses: Public Isn’t Always Better
Since the concept of “private cloud” was introduced, there have been efforts by certain people to prove it “wrong” or show that it doesn’t make sense when compared with the public cloud. This seems like a silly crusade, not because I’m a supporter of private cloud (which I am), but because both provide tremendous value if you actually understand the value that “cloud” has delivered to the industry.

4. Spending More Time Outdoors May Help Prevent Nearsightedness
Playing outside is one of the great joys of childhood, and studies now indicate this sun exposure may also help prevent kids from developing myopia, a.k.a. nearsightedness—if they spend enough time outdoors.

5. The Power Of Online-To-Offline Is Moving Beyond Local Commerce
While the idea of ‘online to offline’ for purchasing is proving to be powerful in the local commerce world, the trend of linking the physical world to the web is producing a number of startups that are innovating beyond just purchasing from local merchants or finding a product nearby. Many of the most interesting startups that have emerged over the past year or so are making our lives in the real world better; using data, location and curation as their competitive weapons.


6. 6 Free E-Books and Tutorials on HTML5
HTML5 is popular for building rich Web sites as well as cross-platform mobile applications. And it looks like with Windows 8 Microsoft is embracing using HTML5 and JavaScript as a paradigm for building desktop applications as well. With everyone from Apple to Microsoft embracing HTML5 as “the future,” if you don’t know it yet, you should probably get started.

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