After A Few Days With Amazon fireTV

Once the Amazon fireTV was turned on, and connected my Amazon account without any action on my part, I was excited to get right into it.

The obvious difference between the fireTV and other streaming boxes is the fireTV is based on the Android operating system. The biggest difference with this box over others is the natural integration with Amazon Prime Instant Video. Just like the Kindle where books are the primary interface, Prime movies and TV shows are the primary interface, Netflix, Hulu and others are secondary apps.

Finding items to watch is as simple as speaking into the remote what you want, and it did a great job of finding nearly all the items I searched for. At first it was a little clunky, I was pressing the speak button and letting go then talking into the remote. Nothing was happening. Turns out you need to hold down the speak button until you are through speaking. Either I didn’t see the instructions or I was trying to use it like Siri. The other thing that I thought was weird is I couldn’t speak my username and passwords when setting up Netflix and Hulu? Seemed like I should be able to do that just as easily as speaking a search.

I like that the remote is very minimalist, however, the ring used to navigate left, right, up and down, should have some kind of arrows on it for those not used to that kind of interface. I was ok but my wife wasn’t sure what to do to go back and forth.

I haven’t had time to check out games, but I’ll get there. I don’t see games becoming a huge boon for this device as people aren’t trained to use their streaming media box as a game console, they are using their Xbox for that.

Everything about this box is excellent. The thin size, speed, and simple remote make it a great choice. I’m certainly glad I picked it up.

Why I’m Ditching Roku For Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV

I’ve been a Roku fan for a while, owning versions 1 through 3 and several variations. I don’t have cable TV and use streaming almost exclusively, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu Pro are my main stays. But throw in Plex streaming from a local server and Roku struggles.

The three things that sold me immediately on the Amazon FireTV (affiliate link) were

  • Quad core processor – screaming fast
  • 2GB of on board memory – reduces buffering
  • Voice search – find things without using the crappy single character on screen search

I’m not a gamer, but games are included with this box. I’m sure that will be one way of bringing devs into the fold. I should be getting the device tomorrow and will post what I find, but in the mean time, go buy one right now.